Little Free Library

It’s about reading
It’s about community
It's about working together

It’s a Little Free Library, and the books found inside are available, at no cost, to anyone who wants to read them. Take a book; leave a book is the simple concept!

The idea of providing free books in easily accessible locations evolved from the positive reactions that neighbors and friends had to a tribute Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin, had built in his mother's memory--a scale model of a one room schoolhouse filled with books.  Todd positioned the first Little Library in front of his home, where it immediately became a center of attention for passers-by.  Several asked if he could build one for them.

Todd turned to a new colleague at the University of Wisconsin,  Rick Brooks, and together they began to see the potential  for a wide variety of  strategies based on the relationships that developed around each Little Library. 

Solutions in Education and Training is proud to be designated as Indiana’s Ambassador for the Little Free Library. We are looking for individuals, companies, and organizations who have the desire to help us fulfill Little Free Library's very ambitious, far-reaching mission:

In response to publicity prompted by national multi-media attention, the Little Free Library has become a grassroots project of many people around the country and around the world who wanted to take on the challenge.


How do I get involved?

Most Little Free Libraries start as a community project sponsored by local organizations and funded by community businesses and corporations, which may entail multiple libraries. Some Libraries are set up by individuals who would like a lasting, personalized memorial to a loved one.

Solutions in Education and Training will be happy to show you how to get started with your own Little Free Library. We offer pre-built Libraries that you can put up as is or decorate with your own theme. The Little Free Library Website can also give you ideas on how to maintain, stock and promote your community Little Free Library.

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